Julia Barol, MEd, CESP

Julia brings a wealth of experience helping people transition from school to work, or the couch to work, focusing on strengths and passions without limitations. "She helps businesses, government entities, social service agencies, school districts, and families expand opportunities and build bridges supporting a person's potential to pursue and engage in both employment and access to their community." D.B.

Julia has been working in the field since 1991 as a job coach/job developer, trainer and counselor. She is certified as a Social Security Work Incentives Coordinator as well as in the Discovery Process and holds a Masters in Secondary Special Education and Transition. 

For more information on Julia please check out her LinkedIn Page

William Del Toro Vargas

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William is a life long advocate. He started out at the #IWantToWork Campaign as the Lead Legislative Advocate. In his role as legislative advocate he was instrumental in educating legislators to create Act No. 26: Work Experience for High School Students with Disabilities also know as Pre-Employment Transition Services. He was also instrumental in helping advocate for Act No. 36: Employment First which helped reinforce Governor Tom Wolf Executive order for an Employment First Pennsylvania to secure that all people with disabilities have access to competitive employment. William has been advocating for the hispanic community in North Philadelphia even before he was out of high school. William has been a board member for PA APSE since 2016. 

William has also worked for The Arc of Philadelphia. In the 2016 elections he was instrumental in securing volunteering opportunities for people with disabilities during the Democratic National Convention for the DNCC. 75 youth with disabilities volunteered in the Philadelphia Airport, the Philadelphia Convention Center, Wells Fargo Center, and City Hall. William has also helped over 300 youth in finding volunteering opportunities since 2016 and have outreached over 3,000 youth in Philadelphia high schools.

William has been advocating for Access to Technology & Information Access on behalf of the Coleman Institute on Cognitive Disabilities to secure that everyone has access to the most basic technology most people have access to. William has an Associates Degree in Biology and is currently at Temple University working on his Bachelors.

For more info on William please check out his LinkedIn Page

Stacey Figueroa, CESP

For the past nine years, Stacey has enjoyed being an Employment Specialist (CESP as of Dec, 2015), Mentor , and Advocate. She is passionate about giving everyone an opportunity to have a voice and resources to meet their personal goals and dreams. She has workedwith individuals and families with intellectual disabilities, in home, school and community environments. In August of 2017, Stacey proudly joined the Transition Consults team as a Certified Supports Broker. 

For more information on Stacey please check out her LinkedIn page

Dionne Jones, MEd

Dionne began her career in 1997 working with adolescents with behavioral health challenges as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.  Her love for children led her to pursue a career in education.  Dionne received her Master’s Degree in Special Education in 2002 and worked as a Special Education teacher for four years in the Philadelphia School District. Her true passion is to make a difference by developing better programs and services for individuals with disabilities.  Dionne has developed educational and transition programs for individuals, school districts, charter schools and social service agencies.  She also developed an after-school program for individuals with autism ages 13-21 with a focus on transitioning from school to adult life. 

Dionne currently works as a behavior specialist working with adults with intellectual disabilities and autism.  Dionne became a Certified Supports Broker in June 2018 and has joined the Transition Consults team as a part time Broker. For more information on Dionne please check out her LinkedIn Page.

Tracy Katz, MEd, CESP

Tracy supports all individuals to recognize their potential for success though development of abilities and goals. Additionally, she supports businesses and organizations to maximize their potential by diversifying their workplace or community through inclusion of people with disabilities. As a former special education teacher, home business owner and employment specialist she is uniquely qualified with a breadth of experiences upon which to draw.

For more information on Tracy please check out her LinkedIn Page

Trish E. Luberda, NcP

Trish is a long-time educational consultant and certified paralegal who wishes to support all individuals to find their “everyday life” throughout their lifespan. She has been married for almost 30 years and has nearly raised three daughters of her own and she hopes to encompass her skill set to best guide everyone to embrace being a “lifelong learner.” Trish strives to find common sense solutions by partnering with clients/families and like-minded colleagues to assist individuals to reach their goals and dreams using all the resources and tools readily available. She wholeheartedly committed to becoming a certified support broker when she joined the Transition Consults team in September 2018.

 For further information on Trish and her past experiences, please review her LinkedIn page

Sandy Mungro King

Inspired by her late sister Cathy who had Down Syndrome, Sandra has spent over 30 years supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families through program monitoring, lifesharing, employment coaching, Therapeutic support (TSS) in home and community, and direct service. Sandra has also participated in fundraising for the Arc of Warren County NJ and Abilities Inc. of NJ  as the playwright of A Parent’s Signature”, a story that chronicles a husband and wife coming to grips with their son’s diagnosis of Autism. She is also the author of the children’s book, “French Fries Please” that explores the challenges of picky eating among children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Sandy is a Certified Supports Broker in Pennsylvania. 

For more info on Sandy please check out her LinkedIn Page 

Susan Rzucidlo, CESP

Susan, mom, advocate and business owner who has founded a nonprofit, SPEAK Unlimited Inc., in 2004, which has a national, reputation for innovative, solution-focused services for projects like the PA Premise Alert and emergency response communication tools. She has been a passionate advocate for more than 20 years and always works to find solutions by partnering with clients to reach their goals, hopes, and dreams. In October of 2017, Susan enthusiastically joined the Transition Consults team as a Certified Supports Broker.

For more information about Susan, please check her Linkedin page.

Julie Sozio, MHS

Julie’s career dates back to 1978, where she began working with people with disabilities who lived in a county home in a small town in Iowa where her job was washing pots and pans every weekend while in high school.  From there, her desire to advocate for those residents flourished and she began to work her way up after high school.  After 13 years she left her position as Assistant Program Director of a unit for Persons with Mental Illness. 

Moving to Pennsylvania in the early 90’s Julie’s desire to advocate arose again and she became a support staff at a local agency that supported people with disabilities  to live and work in their community.  After working in the capacity of Employment Supports Director and then Program Administrator, she attended Lincoln University and received her Master of Human Services degree. 

Julie’s true passion lies in advocacy for community inclusion. Her experience and strong determination for advocacy have led her to find competitive employment and an “Everyday Life” for many individuals with disabilities.  This has led to Julie's recent certification as a Supports Broker. In her spare time, Julie loves spending time with her family and friends, home improvement projects , and traveling.

Gladys Stefany

Gladys’ own childhood served as a motivation to dedicate her life to helping those who have faced challenges.  As a college student, she chose to minor in Special Education (BA in Music Education) and worked with students with disabilities when she began teaching.  Gladys and her husband, Paul, saw their own daughter through pediatric cancer and then worked with other children with disabilities for more than 12 years as foster parents.  Through that experience, they worked and lived with children who were facing, emotional, and developmental challenges and were blessed to be able to adopt two of those precious children.  
Over the past 24 years, motivated by the needs of her daughter (who was diagnosed at birth with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), Gladys has been a tireless advocate for those who live with disabilities and she has served on the Pike County Children & Youth Advisory Board as well as the Board of Directors of the Center for Developmental Disabilities.  Gladys also helped expand a social group for adults with physical and developmental disabilities as a volunteer for Katie’s House, Inc.  
In January of 2017, Gladys took the next step in her journey and began working as a Supports Broker, receiving her certification in September, 2017.  She brings to her work a mother’s love and passion, an understanding of the parents’ journey, a deep respect for the rights of the individual, and a heartfelt desire to help all individuals take their rightful place in the community.




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