A  P.L.A.N.™ or a "Picture of Life After Now"is a way for an individual, together with a team, to explore his/her passions, hopes, dreams, skills, gifts, and needs.  Through this exploration and goal setting, a plan is developed to navigate the journey, utilizing connections and support along the way.  A P.L.A.N.™is a person centered and collaborative effort.

Developing a P.L.A.N.™ is a strategic process.  A P.L.A.N.™ is developed over two to three sessions, beginning with building a team or circle of support to providing a safe environment of open sharing where everyone is valued and centered on the person or mission. 

Creating a P.L.A.N.™ focuses on an increase in positive activities, experiences, and life situations for the focus individual.

The process focuses on positive attributes and skills of the individual.  While we know that barriers exist in everyone’s life they are not the focus of developing a P.L.A.N.™

Goals and visions reflect the desire of the individual.  Some ideas may seem unachievable and frivolous.  However, these ideas will be openly explored by the team to find their value.

The final P.L.A.N.™ emphasizes a focus on developing and deepening personal and community relationships which lead to desired outcomes, as well as the roles of others on the team to support this shift.  Members of the team commit to sharing informal networks and contacts to open doors in the community.

A P.L.A.N.™ can be used to inform the goals - both short and long term - In the ISP, in the IPE or in a student's IEP. A P.L.A.N.™ can also be used to inform Discovery and the Customized Employment/Supported Employment process.

While we have a number of options for creating  a P.L.A.N. in our toolkit, we find ourselves using the LifeCourse™ Tools more and more. We are happy to support you in the best way possible to create your vision for A Picture of Life After Now.

Contact us for more info on how a P.L.A.N.™ can be developed for you!!