Acronyms and Resources


AE – Administrative Entity

AWC - Agency with Choice 

BAS – Bureau of Autism Services

BHA – Bureau of Hearings and Appeals

CLA – Community Living Arrangement

CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Federal Agency formerly known as the Health Care Financing Administration, or HCFA)

DLP – Disability Law Project

DHS– (PA) Department of Human Services (ODP is part of DHS)

DRP – Disability Rights Pennsylvania

DSP - Direct Support Professional

EA - Employer Agent

ELC – Education Law Center

ELP – Essential Lifestyle Planning

EPSDT – Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment

FDSS – Family Driven Support Services

FMS – Financial Management Services

HCQU – Health Care Quality Unit

HCSIS – Home and Community Services Information Systems

ICF/ID – Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Intellectual Disability

ID-intellectual Disability

IM4Q – Independent Monitoring for Quality

ISO – Intermediary Service Organization

ISP – Individual Support Plan

MA – Medical Assistance

MAWD – Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities

ODP – (PA) Office of Developmental Programs

OVR – Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

PAWL – PA Waiting List Campaign

PCP – Person Centered Planning

P/FDS – Person/Family Directed Support Waiver

PUNS – Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services

RPM – Regional Program Manager

SB - Supports Broker

SC – Supports Coordinator (formerly called a Case Manager)

SIS (SIS-PA+) – Supports Intensity Scale and PA Plus (PA+)

SSA – Social Security Administration

SSDI- Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI - Supplemental Security Income

SSD – Services and Supports Directory

SSW - Service Support Worker

SSP - Service Support Professional

VF/EA - Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent (PALCO)


Links to Other Resources for Adult Services

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